Young Officer

The Young Officer is a character in Princess Maker 2.

The Young Officer will visit the palace every January. He will talk to Olive regardless of her popularity and Decorum. He will always ask to speak with her again next January. It is essential that Olive meet with him every year if she wishes to become married to him.

In DepthEdit

The Young Officer is really the Prince of the realm. Concealing his identity until he was grown, the Prince wished to learn how to live among the people.




Marriage EndingEdit

Olive must have a Relationship Score of 96 in order to marry the Young Officer. She also needs less than 100 Sin, 200+ Charisma and 250+ Refinement. In order to get this score she must visit him at the palace every January unless she was born on January 31st.


  • Ah, we meet again.
  • ... I see. That's too bad.
  • Hello, Miss. Happy new year.
  • I had fun today. Will you come again next year?
  • N-No, not really. It's no big deal.
  • Olive, I'm only at the castle in January. The next time I can see you is in a year from now. Will you promise to come visit me?
  • Olive, I have come to see you.
  • What? Uh, that is... Oh, I know, I patrol. I look for anyone suspicious.
  • ... You're right. It's absolutely as you say.
  • You have a good father.
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