Writer Ending (PM2R)

Writer Ending (Refine ver.)

Olive becomes a professional writer.


Comstock, the local poet and poetry teacher, comments positively on some stories that Olive has written recently. With his encouragement, she decides to become a professional writer.

Ranking Edit

  • "Well, that is not so bad... To each her own." (Beta ver.)
  • "Taking up a post like this is not bad... Everyone has to find their own way..." (Refine ver.)

Adds +100 points to the final score.

Stats Required Edit

Minimum Stat Requirements
Intelligence 300
Art 80

Determining Stats Edit

  • Intelligence >300
  • Art Skill is highest

Available Marriages Edit

Available Marriage Endings
Prince Father Cube Young Dragon Lucifon Common Single
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Epilogues Edit

Determined by Sensitivity.

Epilogue Requirements
Bad Epilogue Sensitivity <150
Normal Epilogue Sensitivity >150
Best Epilogue Sensitivity >300

Script Edit

Bad Epilogue Description needed.
Normal Epilogue Description needed.
Best Epilogue Olive's sensitive heart will allow her to make emotionally-charged stories, leading her to write an incredibly beautiful novel, whose plot she's been creating ever since childhood, that becomes a classic for the ages. She also becomes one of the most remembered authors of the country.

Other Information Edit

  • This ending takes priority over the Artist Ending and Dancer Ending as long as Intelligence is over 300 points.
  • It's a long-perpetuated myth that having the Master Brush locks you into the Art Skill endings (Artist, Dancer or Writer). It does not. In fact, the Art endings supersede the other endings only if your Art Skill is higher than other Skills (Combat Skill/Attack/Defense, Magic Skill/Attack/Defense, etc.) In other words the Master Brush doesn't do it, it's the Art Skill boost it gives.
    • It's possible to end the game with the Master Brush and still achieve Ruling Queen, High General, Court Magician or any other high-scoring ending -- if any of Olive's Combat or Magic stats are higher than Art Skills. It's actually easier and less wasteful to achieve a high Social Reputation by keeping the Master Brush than by working at the Bar to increase Conversation/Speech. The easiest way would be to to get Magic Attack attack higher than Art Skill (including the Master Brush bonus) through Fay's blessings, visiting the Tree Elf, and trading the Demon Pendant at the Demon's Abode (if you don't mind the Morality drop). However, doing this is not strictly necessary to get high-score endings.

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