Wendy Lachesis (Wendy Laxis on some screens in Refine) is one of four potential rivals for Olive in Princess Maker 2. She specializes in Magic. She is the politest of the four rivals.

If Olive's Magical Reputation is her highest reputation at 14 years of age and it's above 100, after attending a class Olive runs into Wendy who encourages her to participate in the Combat Tournament and to fight her there. She also works part time in the Pawn Shop and possibly attends Magical Class as an assistant.


Age HP MP Morale
14 150-250 180-280 150-250
15 180-280 200-300 170-270
16 190-290 230-330 190-290
17 200-300 250-350 200-300
18 210-320 270-370 220-320

These are approximate ranges for the old beta version. Wendy is a lot more powerful in the Steam version and is highly skilled in Melee as well as magical combat. Keep in mind that Wendy's melee and magical attack and defense raise with age too, as does her combat and magical skill. Since they are not shown during the Combat Tournament it's hard to find out what they are. If Olive has a birthday on October, she faces a Wendy 1 year older than her, who is tougher to fight.

Strategy Edit

In the old beta version, Wendy is the weaker of the two fighter rivals, preferring to specialize in hitting hard with magical attacks rather than have high HP and sustain a lot of punishment. In the Steam version, she is very powerful in both magic and melee.

In the beta version, she's easy to fight as long as you have good Magical skill. Even if Olive ignores raising her magical skills and focuses heavily on combat skills instead later, Wendy isn't too hard. As long as Olive has a decent Constitution, she can tank a few spells while hitting her for good damage. Raising Magical Defense a bit also helps. In the steam version, however, Olive has to be highly trained in both magic and melee to defeat her.


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