This is a complete map of all the places that can be found in the town. Some places will not appear in the beginning of the game, and some places will not appear at all unless you trigger an event to make them show up. Each location will eventually have its own page that will detail more about what you can do at that place. You can click on the maps to get a closer view.

West Side of Town[edit | edit source]

West Side of Town

# Name of Place Places that you can go to from here
1 Your home Town map Adventuring - - -
2 Children's Park - -
3 Hiroko Sakakibara's House - -
4 Apartment Kenichi Asakura's Home Hayakawa Michiru's Home Kikuchi's Home - -
5 Hospital
6 Ryuunosuke Ootomo's Home - -
7 Family restaurant
8 Keiko Itou's House
9 Himemiya Mall Imagawa Clothing Store Bookstore Toy Shop Cake Shop Drugstore
10 Assiette Genoise's home
11 Community Sports Center Community pool Community Gymnasium
12 Library
13 School Elementary School Middle School High School School Pool School Gymnasium
14 Convenience store
15 Riverbed
16 Shinto Shrine
17 Harvest Mountain (1) Harvest Mountain (2) Temple Ruins

East Side of Town[edit | edit source]

Town Map East

# Name of Place Places that you can go to from here
18 Beach - - - -
19 Waterfront District Amusement Park Event Hall Open Space Aquarium
20 Office Building - - -
21 City Hotel Observatory Bar Up-scale Restaurant Brand-name Retailer - -
22 Souvenir Shop -
23 Specialty (Craft) Store - - -
24 Station Building Movie Theater Exhibition hall English School Cram School Theatrical Company Cafe
25 CD Shop
26 Fashion Building Sports Gym Sports Store Boutique Cosmetics Shop Nail Salon
27 Large Electronics Store
28 Department Store Large Bookstore Women's Clothing Department Food Mall Pet Corner
29 Anime Shop (1) Anime Shop (2) Maid Cafe
30 Alley Backstreets Cabaret club Fortune Telling Pavilion
31 Kousei Oda's Home
32 Sayori Ashina's Home
33 Miho Hosokawa's Home
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