In Princess Maker 2, vacationing with Olive by the Sea will decrease her stress, as well as raise her relationship with you.

Sea vacations normally reduce stress by -3 per day. Going here in summer reduces stress by -6 per day and also lowers weight by approximately 2.21 lbs. Going here in winter reduces stress by -2 per day. All types of sea vacations raise relationship with father by 3%.

Sea vacations are mostly recommended if you want to reduce weight cheaply or build her relationship with her father without raising Sensitivity. Mountain vacations are better stat wise most of the time.

If Olive has a Mermaid Tear in her possession when visiting the beach, a Mermaid will appear.  The Mermaid will thank her for defeating the Fishman and raise her Charisma by 50 points and Sensitivity by 20 points.