Soldier Ending (PM2R)

Soldier Ending (Refine ver.)

Olive becomes a rank-and-file soldier in the Royal Army.


Description needed.


"Too bad, but at least that is some kind of life." (Original ver.)

Adds +80 points to the final score.

Stats RequiredEdit

Minimum Stat Requirements
Morality 30
Fighting Reputation 310
Magic Reputation 180
Social Reputation 180
Housework Reputation 180

Determining Stats Edit

  • Morals >30
  • Difference between min~max Reputation stat >50
  • Fighting Reputation is highest

Available Marriages Edit

Available Marriage Endings
Prince Father Cube Young Dragon Lucifon Common Single
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Epilogues Edit

Determined by Combat Skill.

Epilogue Requirements
Bad Epilogue Combat Skill <30
Normal Epilogue Combat Skill >30
Best Epilogue Combat Skill >75

Script Edit

Bad Epilogue Description needed.
Normal Epilogue Description needed.
Best Epilogue Olive gets tired of the monotony of soldier work, so she tries to prove her skill during the Harvest Festivals competitions. A senior officer will eventually notice her skill and promote her to the captain of the Forest Patrol.

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