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|[[Court Magician Ending (PM2)|Court Magician]]
|[[Court Magician Ending (PM2)|Court Magician]]
|[[Hero Magician Ending (PM2)|Hero(Mage)]]
|[[Hero Magician Ending (PM2)|Hero(Mage)]]

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At the end of Princess Maker 2, you're given a score at the end of the stat roll screen. This represents how well you did. Higher the number, the better your daughter is. The gods' comments also change according to it.

The score is influenced by four factors: Olive's stats, her job, her performance in said job, and her marriage.

Stats Edit

Olive's main stats contribute to the score. The "positive" stats, Constitution, Strength, Intelligence, Refinement, Morality, Faith and Sensitivity all contribute 1 score point per 8 stat points. Sin reduces her score by 1 point for every 1 stat point, Stress has no effect on the final score.

It can be easily seen that raising several stats to good levels is better than making one stat high, and that Sin can easily ruin the score.

Jobs Edit

Olive's ending job adds to her score points. They give a varied amount of points, with the higher rank jobs usually being better score wise.

Housework and Social Endings Edit

Ending Score
Housewife 50
Mistress 0
Divorcee 30
Farmer's Wife 80
Merchant's Wife 80
Millionaire's Wife 100
Countess 130
Royal Concubine 170
Queen by Marriage 260

Fighter, Magic and Artistic Endings: Edit

Ending Score
Bounty Hunter -100
Mercenary 0
Soldier 80
Knight 160
Fighting Instructor 150
Royal Guard Officer 200
General 300
Hero(Warrior) 420
Street Performer 10
Street Magician 20
Fortune Teller 40
Sorceress 180
Magician Girl 120
Magic Instructor 160
Court Magician 280
Hero(Mage) 420
Writer 100
Artist 100
Dancer 100
Jester 100

General and Sinful Endings Edit

Ending Score
Maid 50
Lady in Waiting 100
Researcher 120
Nun 150
Judge 200
Part time job* 50
Full time job* 100
Scholar 300
Cabinet Minister 320
Arch Bishop 350
Prime Minister 400
Ruling Queen/Grand Poobah 500
Bondage Queen -150
Harlot -350
Refined Harlot -350
Bandit -350
Con Artist -350
Crime Boss -500
Princess of Darkness -1000

*Full & Part-time Jobs Edit

Job Ending
Housework Housewife
Babysitting Nursemaid
Church Work Church Attendant
Farming Farmer
Inn Innkeeper
Restaurant Chef
Lumberjack Lumberjack
Salon Hairdresser
Masonry Mason
Hunter Hunter
Graveyard Grave Keeper
Bar Bartender
Tutor Tutor
Sleazy Bar Bar Wench
Cabaret Cabaret Dancer

Olive's performance Edit

Olive can perform well or poorly at her job. Her performance is indicated both by the denouement and her patron god's comments. If she "did wonderfully" at her job, you get an extra 300 points. If she does "fairly well", you get 100, if she "wasn't very good" at it you're deducted 10 points. The last condition applies for the Princess of Darkness ending. It's important to note that working well in a lower ranked job and doing well at it is better than getting a higher ranked job and failing.

Marriage Edit

Olive can marry either a random knight, mage or merchant, or several characters.

Marriage Score
Generic Marriage 20
Generic Marriage, Charisma >=200 40
Father 0
Cube 0
Prince 200
Dragon Youth 0
Lucifon -200

Keep in mind that getting any of the special marriages will skip the denouement of Olive's job, so you won't want to get them for viewing the entire denouement

External links Edit

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