Science Class
Science Class
Class Name Science
Stats/Skills Raised Intelligence
Stats/Skills Lowered Faith, Magical Defense
Tutor Barcleo the Alchemist

"Cultivates a rational scientific point of view and eliminates superstition." ~ Cube


Taught by Barcleo the Alchemist, science is one of the most affordable classes available. By teaching pure academics and scientific reasoning, classes in science expand on knowledge and cultivate rationality. Unfortunately, learning a lot of science shakes up people's faith and affects their energy to resist supernatural forces.


Science Novice Adept Expert Master
Tuition/Day 30 G 40 G 50 G 60 G
Intelligence +1 to 4 +2 to 6 +3 to 8 +4 to 12
Faith -0 -0 to 1 -0 to 2 -0 to 3
Magical Defense -0 -0 to 1 -0 to 1 -0 to 1

Recommendation Edit

Science classes are definitely worth taking. They give a lot of Intelligence for a comparatively low cost. The raises are huge from the first level itself, and only get bigger with time.

However, there are a few caveats, the obvious one being the penalty to Faith. This isn't noticeable at first, but it grows per level, becoming significant at Master. To prevent Olive from being delinquent, you need to watch her Faith closely, and be prepared to give stress relief. You can combine this with Theology classes to offset the loss of Faith, but it's quite costly.

Science classes are also very single minded. A well raised Olive needs more than one stat. Further, raising Intelligence a lot is actually detrimental if you have other things planned, like bar sessions for raising Conversation.

Science classes are good for quick Intelligence buffs towards the end of the game, especially if you have lots of cash at hand. However, there are good odds that Olive's Intelligence is already high from other classes, so they may not be of much impact.

Statistics AffectedEdit

Intelligence: Increase

Magical Defense: Decrease

Faith: Decrease

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