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Work Salon.png
Boss Sara
Stats Raised Sensitivity
Stats Lowered Strength
Payment 20 G

"Work doing hair and makeup." ~ Cube

Working at the Salon is a potential job in Princess Maker 2. Olive can work at the salon after she turns 11.


Olive cuts and styles people's hair at Sara's salon. It's a delicate work that makes her more sensitive and pays well. However, the precision involved makes her arms less suited for strong loads. And since each client AND their hair has specific needs, it can be stressful for Olive if she starts to work there when she's too young...


The salon does have a good starting wage, but it requires high Art to work efficiently, which means that Olive usually can't earn much here when it's made available. If you do get good Art, this becomes a good money maker as long as you keep her stress low and mind the Sensitivity raise. The salon job is visibly more stringent about stress levels, Olive will start failing earlier compared to most other jobs where she meets the requirements. Keeping master brushes greatly raises Olive's efficiency here if you plan to use it for a long time.

Do note that Strength affects combat attack, and 8 points of strength is worth 1 point of combat attack. So if you're doing this job for long, leave fencing classes for later until Olive's Strength is reduced to below 100. Also take note of Olive's Sensitivity.

While viable by the late game, salon work loses a bit of its value when you get other methods of earning money, and want to utilize your time efficiently to raise your stats through classes instead.

Pay Levels[]

Starting Pay: 20G

First Raise: 24G

Second Raise: 29G

Third Raise: 35G

Fourth Raise: 42G

Statistics Affected[]

Sensitivity: +1/day

Strength: -1/day

Stress: +3/day

Statistics/Skills Required[]

Constitution, Sensitivity, Art.