Royal Concubine Ending (PM2R)

Royal Concubine Ending (Refine ver.)

Olive joins the Royal Harem.


A coach arrives and takes Olive to the castle. The King welcomes her and comments on how beautiful she has become as an adult, and how all the men in the kingdom have fallen in love with her... including the King. He says he couldn't handle Olive becoming another man's, and with the Queen's passing he wishes Olive would stay until his final days. With the help of the Royal Concubine, they convince Olive to join the Royal Harem.

Ranking Edit

  • "Well, that is not so bad... To each her own." (Original ver.)
  • "Taking up a post like this is not bad... Everyone has to find their own way..." (Refine ver.)

Adds +170 points to the final score.

Stats RequiredEdit

Minimum Stat Requirements
Charisma/Glamour 500
Fighting Reputation -370
Magic Reputation -370
Social Reputation 421
Housework Reputation -370

Alternatively, the Reputation stats could be the following:

Fighting Reputation 353
Magic Reputation 342
Social Reputation 380
Housework Reputation 301

Determining Stats Edit

Available Marriages Edit


Epilogues Edit

Determined by Refinement/Elegance.

Epilogue Requirements
Bad Epilogue Refinement/Elegance <150
Normal Epilogue Refinement/Elegance >150
Best Epilogue Refinement/Elegance >500

Script Edit

Bad Epilogue Olive will be recognized by her incredible beauty, but she will suffer mockery and gossip behind her back due to her lack of proper royal manners while she struggles to get used to the Court.
Normal Epilogue Description needed
Best Epilogue Olive is famed not only for her incredible beauty but also her perfect manners, sometimes even eclipsing those of the royal family. Much talk is made of her almost inhuman charisma and ladylike behavior.

Other Information Edit

  • This ending supersedes the Queen Marriage Ending by a single Charisma/Glamour point, making it the Social Ending with the highest stat requirements. Yet score-wise this is actually worse than the Queen Marriage Ending. Keep that in mind if you're trying to get a high score.
  • If Olive meets the requirements for this ending, but also has a Special Marriage Ending lined up, you may get the Housewife or Full-time/Part-time Job Endings instead.

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