Work Restaurant
Boss Balbon
Skill Raised Cooking
Skill Lowered Combat Skill
Base Payment 8 G

"Help out at the town restaurant." ~ Cube

Working at the Restaurant is a potential job in Princess Maker 2. Olive can work at the restaurant from the beginning of the game.


Olive serves tables and helps cook at Balbon's restaurant. She learns how to cook and serve dishes here, but handling hot dishes and utensils no doubt puts pressure on her hands and affects how well she can wield weapons.

Recommendation Edit

In theory this is a good way to build up cooking skill for the cooking contest, especially since it pays money and doesn't lower Sensitivity. In practice, it's actually less efficient than housework. Olive needs to have at very least over 60+ in cooking skills to make money here, so in effect it's basically like running a housework course that stresses her out faster without lowering her Sensitivity before her cooking skills are developed. The +2 stress per day cuts down the time you can spend here before needing to make Olive rest, and cooking skill generally doesn't raise any faster by working here rather than doing household chores. Sensitivity is not that hard to gain back either, especially with all the bonuses you get for it later. Just do housework instead, unless you're REALLY strapped for gold.

Later, the bar raises her cooking skill and conversation and pays considerably better, and it's the only way to raise conversation so you may want to try it to raise cooking instead in the mid game.

Pay LevelsEdit

Starting Pay: 8G

First Raise: 10G

Second Raise: 12G

Third Raise: 14G

Fourth Raise: 17G

Statistics AffectedEdit

Cooking: Random raise, +0 to 1/day

Combat Skill: Random drop, -0 to 1/day

Stress: +2/day

Stats RequiredEdit

Constitution, cooking.