These are games that aren't part of the Princess Maker franchise, but are similar, related, or even directly inspired by the series.

  • Cute Knight - Developped by Hanako Games. In Cute Knight, you control an orphan girl named Michiko from her 18th birthday to her 21st. There's also a sequel, Cute Knight Kingdom
  • Magical Diary - Another Hanako Games title, this one about a young student attending magical school. Has some RPG sections with spellcasting, but mostly stat-raising and romance. Also, you design your own character and can equip accessories.
  • My Pet Protector - ???
  • Spirited Heart - Developed by Winter Wolves. You control one of three girls (a Human, an Elf, or a Demon) for about ten years. No actual RPG elements, but more romance options.
  • Prince Maker Braveness - Developed by AlphaGames. A gender-flipped game made in homage to the Princess Maker titles. In Prince Maker Braveness, you must raise a half-demon, half-human child to become a candidate for Emporer of the Three Realms.
  • Love Story - A series of smartphone apps inspired by the Princess Maker series where you can choose to raise either a boy or a girl.
  • Monster Rancher - Although it is the of the monster battling genre, the series shares much of the same stat raising and caretaking gameplay with the Princess Maker series.