Queen Marriage Ending (PM2R)

Queen Marriage Ending (Refine ver.)

Olive marries the King and becomes the mother of the nation.

Not to be confused with the Ruling Queen ending.

Script Edit

A coach arrives and takes Olive to the castle. The King tells her his wife, the Queen, just recently passed away... And since the country needs a "mother" to rule by his side, he wants to marry again. And he has chosen the daughter as his new Queen, seeing no other woman as qualified as her.

Ranking Edit

"That's fairly impressive"

Adds +260 points to the final score.

Stats Required Edit

Minimum Stat Requirements
Charisma/Glamour 499
Fighting Reputation -370
Magic Reputation -370
Social Reputation 421
Housework Reputation -370

Determining Stats Edit

Available Marriages Edit



Determined by Elegance/Refinement.

Epilogue Requirements
Bad Epilogue Elegance/Refinement <150
Normal Epilogue Elegance/Refinement >150
Best Epilogue Elegance/Refinement >400

Script Edit

Bad Epilogue Description needed
Normal Epilogue Description needed
Best Epilogue Olive behaved adequately as a queen. She became familiar with the rules and etiquette quite easily. A magnificent wedding took place a year later. The people cheered and the king is happy.

Other InformationEdit

  • This is one the endings that was not fully translated into English in the beta version. When the above portrait is shown, a dialogue box will display an error; it is "Unable to locate file EETN06.TXT SYSTEM ERROR". Fortunately, this does not create any glitches to the beta game itself.
  • The requirements for this ending are almost the same as those of the Royal Concubine Ending, divided only by a single point of Charisma/Glamour. Royal Concubine Ending will take precedence even if all other stat requirements are met.
  • If Olive meets the requirements for this ending, but also has a Special Marriage Ending lined up, you may get the Housewife or Full-time/Part-time Job Endings instead.

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