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4/4/2024 add any info about princess maker 4 events to the article


It is recommended to use the saves here to finish the PM5 endings pages before the links stop working. These files were posted in 2014. Many pages ask for videos of the endings, as well as more accurate triggers for the endings and this would be a good and effective solution to potentially finish much of the wikia without spending hundreds of hours.

Please add any information you can find on Princess Maker Mobile to the article
I am having trouble with some of the Princess Maker 5 career endings. There are some endings that seem to have event (i.e. non-stat) requirements that I did not expect (example: the pianist and ballerina seems to have some kind of event requirement that I don't know). These are possibly related to club/class activity or class level. If anyone knows how to achieve an ending, or has achieved and ending and doesn't know the specifics of what is needed but can give me the details of what they did over the course of their playthough, it would be much appreciated -Raeza
Any info for the Princess Yuucie article, Go Go Princess, or any of the other stuff?
We need more articles detailing the endings for the games. What they are, how to get them, screenshots, etc.
We need pages for anyone/anything you fight in the games. All relevant info--location, HP, attacks, etc. Pictures are a plus.

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Princess Maker 3, also know as Princess Maker ~Faery Tales Come True~ (プリンセスメーカーゆめみる妖精 in Japanese), is the third mainline Princess Maker game.

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Artwork of Olive used for the Princess Maker 2 soundtrack