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Plot[edit | edit source]

Princess Maker 3 takes place in an alternate world from Princess Maker 1 and 2, as characters from both games (main and side) make appearances throughout the game.

The game begins with the Queen of the Faerie realm speaking to the father figure in this game, addressing the father figure by the profession he chooses. She explains that a certain faerie wishes to become a human princess, and has pleaded with her to come to the human world. She then bestows the girl on the hero, making it his job to raise her to adulthood. To help with the task, a faerie housekeeper by the name of Uzu is assigned to the hero, and thus the journey begins.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game is fairly similar to the first to except for a few major aspects. First, there is no 'adventure' mode. In Princess Maker and Princess Maker 2, your daughter could 'explore' and the game would become very similar to an RPG. This is not the case anymore.

Second, this game introduces the Moods Mechanic, as explained below.

Moods[edit | edit source]

Moods are a specific new mechanic that has been added to the game. Depending on your daughter's stats, she may enter one of these moods. Each mood affects the way each of the jobs and classes affects her stats. Some even stop her from doing certain jobs altogether.

There are seven: Normal, Sassy, Rebellious, Proud, Pretty, Poor, and Sick.

Normal[edit | edit source]

This mood is generally optimal. With the exception of a few circumstances, this mood is generally the best to have. When your daughter is in this mood, she can work any job and will, generally, apply herself.

Sassy[edit | edit source]

This mood is among the worst. When in this mood, attending any class will reduce her Attitude stat. It also makes her slower to learn in some classes. Though she is still capable of working any job. She will also refuse to wear any of the wandering merchant's outfits, except for the Suit of Darkness.

Cause: Having too high Elegance and Pride, with too low Attitude and Morality.

Fortunately, this mood is fairly easy to get rid of. Buying Teddy bears can increase Attitude, and is the cheapest stat-advancing item in the shop.

Formula To Enter State: (Pride + Elegance) > (Attitude + Morality)X2

Formula To Exit State: (Pride + Elegance) < (Attitude + Morality)

Rebellious[edit | edit source]

Also considered a bad mood. Being Rebellious prevents your daughter from performing several jobs. She will also refuse to wear most of the wandering merchant's outfits, except the Suit of Darkness. Curiously, however, she becomes a better miner and does not lose stats when sent to mine.

Unable to perform jobs:

  • Farming
  • Tutoring
  • Nursery Work
  • Market Work

Formula To Enter State: Morality < 300 AND Either

  1. Morality < 50 and Stamina > 200
  2. (Stamina + Courage) > (Morality and Elegance)X2

Formula To Escape State: Morality > 350

Pretty[edit | edit source]

A milder Mood. This mood will prevent your daughter from working in the mines but, otherwise, has very few adverse effects. Also, your daughter will never begin the game in this state.

It is also possible to enter the "Poor" state from this mood.

Formula To Enter State: Charm > Morality X2

Formula To Exit State: Charm < Morality, or become poor

Poor[edit | edit source]

Another milder Mood. This mood only has a few adverse effects. Having almost no money will usually result in this mood, but only if your daughter was already in a 'Pretty' or 'Normal' mood.

Formula To Enter State: Be at or very near your debt limit.

Formula To Exit State: Have more than 500g

Sick[edit | edit source]

The very worst state. While in this state, your daughter can't do anything except for lay in bed and recover from her illness. She can't work, study, or even vacation. During this time, all of her stats will drop.

This mood is only desirable if you wish to reduce all of your daughter's stats.

Formula To Enter State: Allow your daughter's Stress to exceed her Vitality and Stamina.

Formula To Exit State: Reduce stress to 0

Classes[edit | edit source]

Class Cost Increases Decrease Rival
School 10g Intelligence, Pride, Morality, Charm Chia
Martial Arts 13g Stamina, Pride, Courage Ariel
Dancing Class 13g Stamina, Pride, Elegance, Charm Chamie
Cooking Class 10g Vitality, Attitude, Sense Haitaa
Music Class 15g Pride, Elegance, Sense Haming
Art Class 15g Intelligence, Sense Arkron
Etiquette Class 15g Morality, Elegance, Charm Natera
Church 3g Intelligence, Morality, Elegance N/A
Diet Center 5g Charm Stamina, Weight N/A

Rivals[edit | edit source]

Rivals Details

Jobs[edit | edit source]

Job Details

Part-Time Job Wage Increases Decreases Required
House Cleaner 1g Stamina, Vitality, Morality, Attitude Pride, Sense Attitude
Nursery 12g Morality, Attitude Pride, Sense Vitality
Maid 12g Elegance, Charm Pride, Attitude Morality, Attitude
Market 12g Intelligence, Vitality Pride, Morality, Elegance Vitality
Farm 14g Morality, Stamina Pride, Elegance Morality, Stamina
Bar Waitress 15g Charm, Attitude Morality, Elegance Charm
Tutor 16g Intelligence, Attitude Vitality Charm, Intelligence
Carpentry 18g Vitality, Sense, Courage Elegance, Attitude Stamina
Miner 20g Courage, Attitude Morality, Elegance Morality, Vitality
Palace Maid 4g Pride, Elegance, Charm Attitude Attitude
Bar Hostess 25g Pride, Charm Morality
Bar Guard 23g Courage Morality, Attitude Courage

Items[edit | edit source]

Local Store's Inventory[edit | edit source]

Teddy Bear 110g Attitude +15

Trust +2

A cute teddy bear.
Teddy bear.png
Poetry Book 160g Intelligence +10

Sense +15

Trust +1

A romantic poetry book.
Poetry book.png
Bouquet 200g Charm +12

Trust +1

Pretty flowers gathered each season.
Delicious Meal 120g Stamina +12

Trust +1

Stress -80

May add Weight +1

A very delicious food that melts in your mouth.
Delicious Meal.png
Breezy Clothes 120g Charm +15 A summery dress made out of thin fabric.
Breezy Clothes.png
Warm Clothes 200g Charm +15 Warm clothing made out of thick fabric. Perfect for the winter season.
Warm clothes.png
Comfortable Clothes 150g Vitality +10

Charm +10

Clothes with a sporty and boyish design.
Comfortable Clothes.png
Fancy Dress 500g Elegance +10

Charm +25

Wear stylish clothes and be transformed into a beautiful lady.
Fancy Dress.png
Pretty Clothes 300g Attitude +10

Charm +20

Fancy casual wear.
Pretty Clothes.png
Smile 0g May not have much money, but has prosperous mind. Now, smile. :)

Wandering Peddler's Inventory[edit | edit source]

Suit of Darkness 1500g Pride +25

Elegance +80

Attitude -90

Sense +15

Charm +60

A mysterious suit that is said to have been made by a demon designer.
Suit of darkness.PNG
South Kingdom Dress 700g

Charm +55

Pride -45

Morality -25

Elegance -15

Sense -10

A charming dress worn by the dancers from the south.
South kingdom.png
Rabbit Suit 450g

Attitude -15

Charm +40

A suit designed after the legendary rabbit fairy.
Honey of the Fairies 300g Stamina +50 Nutritious drink crafted by infusing the morning dew with Fairy Queen's magical power.
Fruit of Knowledge 350g Intelligence +50 A legendary fruit that is said to have given knowledge to the humans.
Fruit of Glory 200g Pride +50 A nutritious food that has grown from the Tree of Glory, which has sprouted above the tomb of the ancient queen.
Seed of Conduct 200g Morality +50 A legendary seed that is said to have bestowed law and order to humanity since ancient times.
Noble Spring Water 450g Elegance +50 A water from a well where the great Forest King's soul is rumored to be asleep.
Comb of the Goddess 300g Attitude +50 A comb once used by the goddess with a heart of gold.
Syrup of Illusion 400g Sense +50 A cookie baked with flour that was crafted from fairies' music and songs.
Perfume of Fascination 600g Charm +50 A suspicious perfume that is favored by a beautiful goddess.
Perfume of fascination.png
Sword of Sword God 550g Courage +50 A steel sword used by the god of war of the north.
Cat Suit 3000g

(randomly available on vacations if player has 3000+ Gold)

Intell -100

Pride -50

Attitude +20

Charm +150

An imported item from the Cat kingdom that is said to be somewhere in the world.
Sexy Clothes 2000g

(randomly available on vacations if player has 3000+ Gold)



Charm +80

Sense +80

Courage +50

A stylish cloth that is popular amongst the delinquent girls.

Random Event Items[edit | edit source]

Socks 10g Attitude +20
Abacus 30g Intelligence +

Attitude +17

Coffee Mug 20g Elegance +14

Attitude +12

New Shoes 40g Attitude +11


Fountain Pen 50g

Intelligence +14

Attitude +14

Sense +17

Harmonica 15g Attitude +20

Sense +17

Notebook 30g Intelligence +19

Attitude +11

Handkerchief 15g Attitude +24

Festivals[edit | edit source]


Cherry Blossom Festival

Harvest Festival

New Year Eve Festival

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the Steam HD remake if the you get 3rd place in a festival, it will be incorectly translated as "3th"

Endings[edit | edit source]

Note: Detailed Guide WIP

Skill Endings[edit | edit source]

Political[edit | edit source]

Government[edit | edit source]

Military[edit | edit source]

Educated[edit | edit source]

Entertainment[edit | edit source]

  • Singer
  • Actress
  • Bard
  • Performer

Artistic[edit | edit source]

Religious[edit | edit source]

Social Endings[edit | edit source]

Job Endings[edit | edit source]

Normal Jobs[edit | edit source]

Boss Jobs[edit | edit source]

  • Boss at the Mines
  • Boss at the Farm
  • Financier
  • Bank Manager

Expert Jobs[edit | edit source]

  • Architect
  • Blacksmith

Marriage Endings[edit | edit source]

Stat-based ending with educational Requirements[edit | edit source]

Meet a Prince when 16 year old[edit | edit source]

Supernatural Endings[edit | edit source]

Dark Endings[edit | edit source]

  • Little Devil
  • Underworld Boss
  • Thief
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