Aspar & Your Daughter

Aspar & Your Daughter

Choices for Discussion with AsperEdit

The meetings regarding these choices may not be complete. If you encounter a meeting that is not on this list, please add it.

The choices with the light blue backgrounds with asterisks next to the choice are the ones that I chose that lead to your daughter meeting Asper again. The choices are relatively innuative. Essentially, you choose the second option the whole way through.

First Meeting
Option 1 Escape
Option 2 Teach him*

Second Meeting
Option 1 Do not approach
Option 2 Greet him*

Third Meeting
Option 1 Do not approach
Option 2 Callot to him*

Fourth Meeting
Option 1 Don't guide
Option 2 Guide

Proposal MeetingEdit

Proposal Meeting
Option 1 Accept
Option 2 Refuse
Minimum stat requirements for proposal meeting:
Stamina: No requirement
Willpower: 490
Agility: No requirement
Intelligence: 465
Love: 50
Morals: +.01
Charisma: 620
Refinement: 700
Charm: 790
Sensitivity: No requirement.

Skill requirements are unknown.

If you accept his proposal, Assiette Genoiseand Alfort will show up and a short scene will ensue. If you reject his proposal, your daughter's stress will shoot up by about 300. Regardless of whether or not you accept the proposal, your daughter's teacher will soon tell the class that Assiette has returned to France due to her father's work. If you accepted Asper's proposal, you may see Assiette again and learn her true nature, depending on your actions. If you did not, you won't see Assiette again.

Two EndingsEdit

Princess (marriage to Aspar)

Marriage to Aspar

If you accept Aspar's proposal, there are two* endings you can achieve. The first (and by far the easier of the two) is the Marriage to Aspar ending. To achieve this ending, you need only maintain your daughter's stats until the end of the game, at which time Aspar and your daughter will get married, making your daughter the princess of the Human Kingdom.

However, there is another, far more difficult ending that you can aim for, and that is the ending of the True Princess.

*You don't have to get either of these two endings; you can get basically any ending if you have the stats for it.