Prime Minister

"As Minister of State, I am responsible for managing all the political affairs of the kingdom." ~ Prime Minister

The Prime Minister, sometimes called the "Minister of State", is a character in Princess Maker 2.

The Prime Minister oversees all the political affairs of the kingdom. Olive can talk with him at the castle if she has good Decorum. The Prime Minister enjoys intellectual debates and conversations, so having high Intelligence will help a lot to get more Popularity.

The Prime Minister serves as the head of the judging committee of the Dance Party at the Harvest Festival. Although he claims that he's an impartial judge, he'll greatly improve Olive's score if she becomes friends with him. The more Popularity raised with him, the more her score is raised.

The Prime Minister also plays a part in some endings.


70+ Decorum


  • Listening to the voice of the people is also part of my duty.
  • I like intelligent folk. Nowadays, women too are required to be knowledgable and educated.