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Each time you daughter's Parameter reach a certain value, she will have a personality (You can check it in the notebook).

Personality can affect her conversations with you and her friends, fortune-teller's conversations, her skill learning rate and some events will occur base on her stats.

Basically, if you keep her parameter in mid-range (about -80 to 80), it will not have negative effects on her.

Parameters that will affect your daughter Personality: Affection, Moral, Sensitively, Independence, Flexibility, Sociability, Logicality, Pride.

Love/Affection/愛情 Morals/道徳 Sensitivity/繊細さ Independence/独立性


-100.00 ~ -80.00 Cold Crooked Callous Spoiled Adamant
-79.99 ~ -40.00 Dry Impish Upbeat Dutiful Methodical
-39.99 ~ -20.00 Cool Conceited Selfless Meek Devote
-19.99 ~ 19.99 - - - - -
20.00 ~ 39.99 Kind Fair Emotive Wildfull Flexible
40.00 ~ 79.99 Obligin Honest Delicate Easygoing Resourceful
80.00 ~ 100.00 Nosy Principled Nervous Selfish Unique
Sociability/社交性 Logicality/論理性 Pride/プライド
-100.00 ~ -80.00 Introverted Erratic Timid and Servile
-79.99 ~ -40.00 Shy Moody Seems to have a Complex
-39.99 ~ -20.00 Humble Intuitive Modest
-19.99 ~ 19.99 - - -
20.00 ~ 39.99 Frank Planner/Deliberate Seems to be Confident/Confident-looking
40.00 ~ 79.99 Outgoing Realist Very Confident
80.00 ~ 100.00 Flatterer Shrewd Arrogant and Conceited

Unlike Personality, Your Daughter's Condition depends on a combination of parameters which I will explain below.

Condition will affect most of your daughter conversations, her daily activities in "Moe system" and Freetime.

There is a condition that will affect the endings, Sick. Whether you chose to take her to the hospital, let Cube take care of her or yourself do it, the endings will change base on your choices. (See: Marriage with Father, Marriage with Cube)

  • Sick: (Willpower + Constitution)*2 < Stress.
Low Sightly Low Normal Sightly High High
Stylish Refinement





Honor Student Flexibility




Tomboy Refinement Constitution



(in a cute way)



Independence Sociability Flexibility
Sloppy Refinement


Saucy Willpower Affection Pride
Moody, gloomy Pride



Defiant Moral

Parents Relationship

Delinquency Moral

Parents Relationship



Hikikomori Pride



Parents Relationship


Your daughter personality and skills affects her battle stats and everyday life:

  • Physical Strength (体力) - affects stress tolerance, HP, and defense
  • Guts (精神力) - affects stress tolerance, magic defense, and fighting spirit
  • Intelligence (知力) - affects tests results, magical power, magic defense, and MP
  • Stamina (運動能力) - affects sports day results and attack
  • Love/Affection (愛情) - affects ability to make friends and to attract men
  • Morality (道徳心) - strong morals make strong friendships, except in Kousei the delinquent's case
  • Sensitivity (繊細さ) - affects MP. Doesn't affect friendships, meaning it's mainly important for adventurers
  • Flexibility (柔軟性) - affects ability to make friends and raise her hobbies (the more flexible the better)
  • Sociability (社交性) - improves ability to make friends; Keiko however, prefers she be introverted
  • Logicality (論理性) - Mainly affects hobbies. Raises when indoors, and lowers when outside.

Puberty[edit | edit source]

EVERYONE has this problem so lets talk about this.

3rd year, around 2 November, on a beautiful day, Cube shoves in your daughter room with an "Ohaiyou Ojou-sama" and she gets mad at him with an "I'm not a kid anymore."....There you are, a series of heartbreaking days, your daughter will say some painful words like "yeek! is this father's socks?" and some "curly black hair" of yours...which I still DO NOT know what it is! Forgive her, and flashback your childhood and think "Did I make my parents sad like this?", bear with it, just 1 year.

What will happen at this kind of age? Your daughter refuses to sleep with you and take a bath together even after that.

  • Father (She still hasn't refused you the first time, If she did, you would never do this again.)
    • Let's sleep Together: Relationship > 60, Sensitively < -31.
    • Let's take a bath Together: Relationship > 80, Sensitively < -51.
  • Mother
    • Just raise Mother-Daughter Relationship.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In many countries, Japan included bathing with your young child is considered a nurturing action.
    • This turn of events is commonly used in Japanese media to highlight a father's mixed feelings while coming to terms with the fact his little girl is growing up.

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