Palace Guard

"Becoming my friend is hardly an earth-shaking event!" ~ Palace Guard

The Palace Guard is a character in Princess Maker 2.

Olive can always talk to the humble guard at the castle no matter how popular she is, but if she doesn't have enough Decorum, he won't talk with her. The guard prefers girls who are sophisticated.


10+ Decorum


  • Always be polite. The higher-ranking the person, the more particular they are about etiquette.
  • Good day, miss. What is your business here at the palace?
  • Ho ho! You want to make connections, eh? You're quite a modern woman...
  • I think grace and refinement are the most important qualities in a woman.
  • Well, then! Let me give you some advice. The more important the person you talk to, the greater affect on your reputation will be. However, important people won't easily agree to meet with you.