Poetry Class
Poetry Class
Class Name Poetry
Stats/Skills Raised Art, Sensitivity, Refinement, Intelligence
Tutor Comstock the Poet

"Writing and recitation of verse. Knowledge of literature is a symbol of status among cultured people. " ~ Cube


Taught by Comstock the Poet, this course is about literature and poetry. It makes students more knowledgeable and sensitive, and they learn about artistic skills. Study of poetry and literature also makes them talk more eloquently.


Poetry Novice Adept Expert Master
Tuition/Day 40 G 60 G 80 G 100 G
Intelligence +0 to 1 +0 to 2 +0 to 3 +0 to 4
Refinement +0 to 1 +0 to 1 +0 to 1 +0 to 1
Sensitivity + 1 +1 to 2 +1 to 4 +2 to 5
Art +0 to 1 +0 to 1 +0 to 1 +0 to 1

Recommendation Edit

Poetry classes technically do improve 3 stats and a skill, but they mainly raise Intelligence and Sensitivity. At first, they don't raise any stat by much. It becomes better at Adept and gives good raises by Expert level. Now since they do mainly raise Intelligence and Sensitivity, and since the Science class raises the former faster and Sensitivity has many bonuses throughout the game, you want to consider where this fits.

The nice thing about using this instead of some other Sensitivity bonuses is that you have good control on Sensitivity and can reduce it before it becomes too high. If you're willing to get it upto Expert, this is a good way of raising Intelligence without reducing another stat. Otherwise, it's worth attending if you've raised most stats you can from classes and have the money to spend.

This class is not recommended for raising Refinement or Art; Protocol classes are way more efficient at raising the former, Painting classes are much better for the latter.

Statistics AffectedEdit

Art: Increase

Sensitivity: Increase

Refinement: Increase

Intelligence: Increase

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