Painting Class
Class Painting
Class Name Painting
Stats/Skills Raised Art, Sensitivity
Tutor Court Artist Filkins

"Polishes artisitc sense through the study of painting." ~ Cube


These are lessons on artistic theory and painting by the royal Court Artist Filkins. They learn artistic skills very fast, and the study of art makes them more empathetic.


Painting Novice Adept Expert Master
Tuition/Day 40 G 50 G 60 G 80 G
Sensitivity +0 to 1 +0 to 1 +0 to 1 +0 to 1
Art +1 +1 to 2 +1 to 3 +1 to 4

Recommendation Edit

By far the best conventional way to raise Art, Painting classes are recommended for making Olive win at the Art Festival and earn a lot of money consistently. High Art also lets Olive work well in some high paying jobs (like Masonry), and perform better at the Dance Party.

Painting classes don't cost a lot of money comparatively, but in the early game the cost is a bit hard to cover, though making Olive win at the Art Festival at an age of 11, or even 10 is possible.

Master Filkins will ask Olive to paint something every 4 sessions or so, and doing this will let her participate in the Art Festival. Keep in mind that the materials will cost 100 G, so keep some extra money on hand if you want to participate in the Art Festival early on. It's recommended to take up Filkins's offer on the second request, since by that point Olive should have enough Art skill to paint "Advent of Angels" which is guaranteed to win the Art Contest every time she goes there. Once she draws it, he'll no longer ask Olive to paint.

Once Olive has painted "Advent...", there's little need to attend this class. Her art skill will be incredibly high, and the painting is guaranteed to win at the festival, which will fetch the master brush and raise art even more. The Sensitivity raise is very small, and never improves with level. You've many other, better ways of raising Sensitivity by mid game.

If Olive attends this more than the Dance class, and qualifies for an Artistic ending (and doesn't qualify for the writer and jester endings), she becomes an artist.

Statistics AffectedEdit

Art: Increase

Sensitivity: Increase


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