Magic Class
Class Magic
Class Name Magic
Stats/Skills Raised Magical Skill, Magical Attack
Tutor Putnam the Sorcerer

"Learn everything from the A, B, C's of sorcery to powerful incantations." ~ Cube


Taught by Putnam the Sorcerer, this class covers everything from the very basics of magic to powerful incantations. The course focuses heavily on combat magic; it teaches how to dodge spells and hit opponents with magic and how to cast offensive spells more powerfully.


Magic Novice Adept Expert Master
Tuition/Day 60 G 70 G 80 G 90 G
Magic Skill +1 +1 to 2 +1 to 3 +1 to 4
Magic Attack +0 to 2 +0 to 3 +0 to 4 +0 to 5

Recommendation Edit

The only conventional way to raise both magical skill and attack, magic classes are very helpful for making Olive a good spellcaster in combat. While they start out and remain expensive, the raise to magical skill is decent and the raise to magical attack, while irregular, is large from the get go. This only becomes even more efficient at higher levels; the raise to both skills are so fast that within 11 sessions you can max out both magical skill and attack. If you want the power ring, you'll need to attend this for a total of 32 sessions. This is rarely practical though given that the classes will cost you a lot of money without really raising anything after around 11 sessions.

Attending this for an entire month will make Fay arrive and offer to raise one of your three magical skills, magical skill,attack or defense. The raise is 20% of the current skill's value, so it's best to hold this off until you've maxed out your skills through classes. You can get her to visit two times like this.

Statistics AffectedEdit

Magical Skill: Increase

Magical Attack: Increase

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