Dance Class
Dance Class
Class Name Dance
Stats/Skills Raised Art, Constitution, Charisma
Tutor Tobi the Dance Instructor

"Instruction in formal royal court dancing." ~ Cube


These are lessons on how to dance by Tobi the Dance Instructor. Dance classes not only teach students how to appear to be more attractive, they are healthy exercises for the body too, and learning dance helps them understand and appreciate art.

Charts Edit

Dancer Novice Adept Expert Master
Tuition/Day 50 G 70 G 90 G 110 G
Constitution +1 +1 +1 +1
Charisma +0 to 1 +0 to 1 +0 to 2 +1 to 2
Art +0 to 1 +1 +1 to 2 +2 to 3

Recommendation Edit

Unless you're specifically aiming for a certain ending, this class is not worthwhile. While it's the only conventional way to raise Charisma without any stat penalties, it doesn't really raise Charisma that reliably. The Constitution raise is not any more efficient than working on jobs, it never improves with levels, and by the point when you can pay for these classes regularly, it may be already high enough. Painting classes are way more beneficial for raising Art, and even at high levels it doesn't give many stat points overall. Besides, it's one of the costliest classes, especially at higher levels. At best, use this if you quickly want a bit of Charisma or Constitution without negatively affecting her stats for short intervals.

Note that if you go to this more than the Painting class and you qualify for an artistic ending(and not for the jester or writer endings), you'll become a dancer.

Statistics AffectedEdit

Art: Increase

Charisma: Increase

Constitution: Increase

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