Like Princess Maker 2 and Princess Maker 4 Cube is a possible Love Interest in which your Daughter can marry in the end of the game.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • You will need to have Cube take care of her when she is ill (Required)
  • Relationship with Cube = 100
  • DO NOT look at your daughter's friendship gems.
  • Reject All Scout events and avoid getting into a Romantic Relationships with other possible Love Interests.

Ways to raise your daughter's affection with Cube[edit | edit source]

  • Doing Housework/ House Chores: +0~0.1
  • Having Cube Take care your ill Daughter: +2 per week
  • Daughter losing a fight while Adventuring: +1
  • Saving Daughter from assassins/having Cube fight assassins: +5

    Soul of Cube

  • On the event where your daughter needs to buy a Bra. Have Cube buy it for her: +5
  • Using "Soul of Cube" packet while adventuring in a fight: +10
    • This are a possible drop that can be obtained by successfully Negotiating with Ghosts on the Spirit Realm. Requires High Eloquence to successfully negotiate with Ghosts.
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