"Maria" is the default name of the daughter in Princess Maker 1.



Pm1 op4

Maria is a war orphan that the Hero (you) agrees to raise as his own daughter.


Pm1 stats

Main Screen (Right Side)Edit

First Box: Name - Your Daughter's name. Title - Your Daughter's current standing on society. Level - Your Daughter's Title Level(?) Gold - The amount of $$$ you have. HP - Your daughter's current stamina.

Second Box: Age - Your Daughter's age. Rep - Your Daughter's Reputation. Height - Your Daughter's height. Weight - Your Daughter's weight.

Third Box: The text log for all actions.

Fourth Box: This displays your daughter's Health Status and Equipment.

Fifth Box: Schedule - This is where you will assign your daughter's daily activities. King Icon - Visit the Castle Blue Person Talking - Ask the town's people for their opinion of your daughter. Heart + Sword Icon - The Parameters Window Maria - Converse with your daughter. Basket - Buy goods.

Main Screen (Left Side) Edit

First Box: Sex - Your Daughter's Gender. Zodiac - Your Daughter's Zodiac Sign BloodYour Daughter's Blood Type. Refer to Battle Guide for more information. Birthday - Your Daughter's Birthday. Age - Your Daughter's age. Height - Your Daughter's height. Weight -Your Daughter's weight. Prop - The percentage of Your Daughter's proportions that reaches the ideal figure. Money - The amount of $$$ you have.

Second Box: Stamina  Affects your overall HP. If it's too high, your daughter is seen as too muscular (or fat).

Strength Affects how strong you hit.

Intelligence Affects your MP and how smart your child is.

Elegance How good mannered your kid is to other people. Around 500~600 is needed to meet the King.

Spirit Affects your daughter's Success Rate. The higher the better. This can be raised either through conversation, Iron Sandals and some jobs. This will drop to 0 if your child gets sick. 

Stress How tired your kid is. Too high and she will get sick.

Glamour Your child's charisma. This determines how 'sexy' she is.

Morality Determines how kind and sincere your daughter is. If it's too low, she will become a delinquent.

Reputation How popular is your girl? Or maybe this affects how money savvy she is. It's hard to tell.

Experience This determines how good your daughter is in terms of Combat and Magic. It also affects Intelligence-related jobs and title.

Combat Skill (CBT Skill) How good your daughter is at fighting.

Dexterity How fast your daughter is and how much she will dodge(?).

Combat Defense Your daughter's defense with Armor and Helm.

Combat Attack Your daughter's offense with Weapon.

HP Based on your daughter's Stamina.

MP Based on your daughter's Intelligence.