Work Lumberjack
Boss Hoss
Stat Raised Strength
Stat Lowered Refinement
Base Payment 12 G

"The job of a lumberjack is hard physical labor which requires great strength." ~ Cube

Working as a Lumberjack is a potential job in Princess Maker 2. Olive can work as a lumberjack after she turns 11.


Olive chops down trees under Hoss' watchful eye. It's physically demanding, and involves working alongside rough people thus making her worse at social interaction, but it makes her stronger.

Recommendation Edit

This job makes you build Strength fast, and has a better base pay than farming, but it's quite a bit more stressful at 4 Stress/day. Strength as a stat is only useful if you plan to shave time off fencing classes. While it's possible to use the lumberjack job alone to build combat attack, it's not really practical: it takes 8 points of Strength to raise combat attack by 1. So most sessions of lumberjack work will raise only 2 points of combat attack on average, which is far slower than one session of fencing. The high stress rate also means that it's hard to sustain work for long when first made available, especially since Olive will only be 11 and wouldn't have her Constitution too high usually.

It's best to use this occasionally as a supplement to fencing. Do watch her stress while working on this job. Once you've maxed combat attack, this job is useless except for raising strength, which isn't that important since there are other stats which can be raised faster and more efficiently for a better score.

If you're building Refinement, which is needed for several good endings, don't use this job in the late game. It drains Refinement very fast and you'll be wasting your money and time in the long run.

Pay LevelsEdit

Starting Pay: 12G

First Raise: 15G

Second Raise: 18G

Third Raise: 21G

Fourth Raise: 25G

Statistics AffectedEdit

Strength: +2/day

Refinement: -2/day

Stress: +4/day

Statistics RequiredEdit

Constitution, strength.