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Description [edit | edit source]

The daughter gets a job as one of the ladies who serve the Queen and other noblewomen in the Royal Castle. Basically, as a maid who works for the local royalty.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Fighting Reputation: 211

Magic Reputation: 210

Social Reputation: 190

Housework Reputation: 180

If the daughter doesn't fill the qualifications for either full/part-time works, she becomes a maid at below the 211 reputation point mark and a lady in waiting for the 211-310 mark. It's trickier to get the LIW ending than the maid one, since the limit before she considers taking up a job becomes more strict for later jobs.

Epilogues[edit | edit source]

Determined by Morals.

Epilogue Requirements
Bad Epilogue Morals <100
Normal Epilogue Morals > 100
Best Epilogue Morals > 400

Script[edit | edit source]

Bad Epilogue Due to her overall ineptitude for handling public and private affairs, Olive will be seen as simply riding her father’s coattails.  She complains that palace work is simply too strict for her.  
Normal Epilogue Olive will do fine at her work, though it will often be rated better than actuality due to her father’s reputation.
Best Epilogue Description needed.

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