"Your father was a magnificent warrior." ~ The King

The King is a character in Princess Maker 2.

After Olive has near perfect Decorum, she can speak with the King at the castle. The King still has fond memories of Olive's father saving his kingdom. Olive has 10 popularity with him right from the start, probably because she's known as the adopted daughter of a hero.

The King bestows many rewards from the Harvest Festival, and is present in several endings.

If you sell the royal sword, he gets upset with Olive and your popularity with him drops by half. Since you can raise a lot of popularity through him, you probably don't want this to happen.


95+ Decorum


  • Ah, you're Oyl's adopted daughter! My, how you've grown!
  • Your father was a magnificent warrior. You should work to bring honor to his name.

Notes Edit

It is possible that Olive will run a kingdom of her own one day.

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