Work Inn
Boss Deginzi
Skill Raised Cleaning
Skill Lowered Combat Skill
Base Payment 8 G

"Perform odd jobs at the town inn." ~ Cube

Working at the Inn is a potential job in Princess Maker 2. Olive can work at the inn from the beginning of the game.


Olive cleans sheets at Deginzi's inn. She gets experience in cleaning bed sheets and clothes, but the strain of sweeping and sponging affects her hands, hurting her fighting skills.

Recommendation Edit

There's rarely much utility to this job. Cleaning by itself doesn't win any contests, unlike cooking. While this job is not very stressful and pays alright, in the long run it's just a mediocre way to earn money. The combat skill penalty doesn't really mean much unless you invested a lot of time into raising it, and even then it drops at random, so is only noticeable if you work here for long.

While this job doesn't lower any important stats, it doesn't pay much either and dropping a lot of your combat skill makes random challengers harder to deal with, as well as lowering your overall fighter reputation. So this is not a good choice for a late game job.

Pay LevelsEdit

Starting Pay: 8G

First Raise: 10G

Second Raise: 12G

Third Raise: 14G

Fourth Raise: 17G

Statistics AffectedEdit

Cleaning: Random boost, +0 to 1/day

Combat Skill: Random loss, -0 to 1/day

Stress: +2/day

Statistics RequiredEdit