Work Housework
Boss Cube
Skills Raised Cooking, Cleaning, Temperament
Stat Lowered Sensitivity
Base Payment 0 G

"Help out at home with the housework." ~ Cube

Housework is a job in Princess Maker 2. Olive can do housework from the beginning of the game.


Olive stays home and helps Cube with the housework, learning how to do household chores. While she learns how to cook, clean and adquire more patience, the sluggish and repetitive work affects her ability to empathize with others.

Pay LevelsEdit

Housework does not pay anything, although there has been an account of Cube giving the daughter some gold for a job well done. This purportedly happens only once.

Recommendation Edit

This is the most efficient way to raise your cooking skill as well as your housework reputation. While it earns you no money, it doesn't raise your stress by much and it affects all 3 housework skills at once. Besides, it's the only job to raise relationship with the father, and it's rather efficient at doing it. You can schedule this until Cooking hits 70 and above, and then start earning money from the Restaurant if you want to raise it in a profitable manner. In fact, even its Sensitivity penalty can come in handy since it's easy for Sensitivity boosts to get out of hand later and make it Olive's highest stat, which causes her to run away randomly.

Think of this not as a job that doesn't pay you, but rather a school that costs no money to attend while improving lots of skills at an admittedly slower rate than normal for classes. This is certainly worth doing in the early game, especially if you're going to try to win the cooking contest early. It also has its uses in the late game, both in building a relationship and in keeping Sensitivity in line.

Statistics AffectedEdit

Cooking: Random raise, + 0 to 1/day

Cleaning: Random raise, + 0 to 1/day

Temperament: Random raise, + 0 to 1/day

Sensitivity: -2/day

Stress: +1/day

Hidden Stats: Edit

Relationship with Father: Approx 0.5%/day

Statistics RequiredEdit