High General Ending (PM2R)

High General Ending (Refine ver.)

Olive becomes the High General of the kingdom.


A carriage stops by the protagonist's residence, and Olive is told to go to the palace. This is because the King and the about-to-retire General want her to become the next General in the King's army. Olive isn't very convinced at first, but the old General tells her that she can study and prepare under his care. This convinces her to take up the post.


"That is wonderful, you must be proud."

Adds +300 points to the final score.

Stat RequirementsEdit

Minimum Stat Requirements
Intelligence 500
Morality 30
Faith 400
Sensitivity 300
Fighting Reputation 421
Magic Reputation 370
Social Reputation 370
Housework Reputation 370


Minimum Stat Requirements
Sensitivity 300
Decorum 100
Art Skill 100
Combat Skill 100
Attack 100
Defense 80
Fighting Reputation 480
Magic Reputation 370
Social Reputation 370
Housework Reputation 370

Determining Stats Edit

  • Intelligence >=Sensitivity
  • Faith >= Sensitivity
  • Morality >30
  • Difference between min~max Reputation stat >50
  • Fighting Reputation is highest
  • Gain Popularity/Connections with the King (?)

Available Marriages Edit

Available Marriage Endings
Prince Father Cube Young Dragon Lucifon Common Single
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Epilogues Edit

Determined by Intelligence.

Epilogue Requirements
Bad Epilogue Intelligence <100
Normal Epilogue Intelligence >100
Best Epilogue Intelligence >500

Script Edit

Bad Epilogue Olive will be incapable of doing her job properly and war eventually breaks out. During one campaign, Olive will suffer an arrow injury which forces her to retire from her post. Olive will regret losing her job to her own foolishness.
Normal Epilogue Olive's inexperience will make her commit a few mistakes on the job, but she'll learn from them and adapt quickly to better situations.
Best Epilogue Olive's wisdom will allow her to be an efficient strategist. The kingdom will enjoy a long period of peace in her charge.

Other Information Edit

  • This ending has almost the same requirements as the Hero Warrior Ending, and if Sensitivity and/or Morals (?) are higher than Faith you may get that ending instead.
    • Do note that the Hero Warrior Ending offers a higher score for almost the same requirements.
  • This ending takes precedence over the Prime Minister Ending in terms of stat requirements. Be careful if you're aiming for the latter.


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