Hero Warrior Ending (Refine ver.)

Olive follows your footsteps and becomes a wandering hero.

Script[edit | edit source]

Olive prepares to leave home on an adventure, just like her father before her. Both Cube and the General question her reasons, mentioning the King had offered her a position as a General of the Royal Army, but Olive replies she wants to see the world for herself, and that her father had already given her his blessing. They both accept this, with the General making her promise to come back with stories of her travels, and Cube wishing her good fortune.

Ranking[edit | edit source]

"Amazing, that's not an easy thing to do."

Adds +420 points to the final score.

Stats Required[edit | edit source]

Minimum Stat Requirements*
Intelligence 300
Morality 30
Faith 400
Sensitivity 500
Fighting Reputation 421
Magic Reputation 0
Social Reputation 0
Housework Reputation 0
*See below at Other Information

Determining Stats[edit | edit source]

  • Sensitivity > Intelligence
  • Sensitivity > Faith
  • Morals >30
  • This ending has been achieved with a sensitivity of 321 and negligible intelligence and faith.
  • Fighting Reputation is 421+ and must be the highest reputation score, by more than 50 points from the lowest. There is no need to build up the other three reputations at all. It's only necessary to build up her Fighting Reputation.
  • If she qualifies equally for this ending and the Magician Hero ending, she will pick this ending.

Available Marriages[edit | edit source]

Available Marriage Endings
Prince Father Cube Young Dragon Lucifon Common Single
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Epilogues[edit | edit source]

Determined by Morals.

Epilogue Requirements
Bad Epilogue Morals <100
Normal Epilogue Morals >100
Best Epilogue Morals >600

Script[edit | edit source]

Bad Epilogue Olive will be a very efficient warrior but also very arrogant. She won't leave a lasting legacy and the crowds will be disappointed on her when she returns home.
Normal Epilogue Olive will free a country from a demon and his troops, and from there will continue traveling and saving different lands
Best Epilogue Olive arrives at a distant country terrorized by an evil king. She discovers the king is actually a disguised dragon and slays him, earning the praise of the kingdom. Tales of her heroics reach home, and later she comes back from her travels with jewels gifted by the liberated country's new king.

Other Information[edit | edit source]

  • If Faith is higher than or equal to her Sensitivity, you will definitely get the High General Ending instead.
  • If Intelligence is higher than or equal to her Sensitivity, you will definitely get the High General Ending instead.
  • This ending was also achieved with 100 Intelligence, 300 Magic Reputation, 200 Social Reputation, no significant Housework Reputation, almost maxed Strength and Constitution, 500 Faith, and 700 Fighter Reputation. It can also be achieved with her Faith or her Intelligence at zero, as long as Sensitivity is higher than either, and the sum total of all three is at least 1200. So 700 Sensitivity, 500 Faith and zero Intelligence would be enough. So would 700 Sensitivity and 500 Intelligence with Faith at zero.

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