Hero Magician Ending (PM2R)

Hero Magician Ending (Refine ver.)

Olive follows your footsteps and becomes a wandering hero, but wielding magic as her weapon instead.

 Script Edit

Olive prepares to leave home on an adventure, just like her father before her. Cube and Putnam question her reasons, and the latter mentions the King was willing to offer her a position as Court Mage. Olive replies she wants to see the world for herself, and that her father had already given her his blessing. They both accept this, Putnam makes her promise to come back with stories of her travels, and Cube wishes her good fortune.

Ranking Edit

"Amazing, that's not an easy thing to do." (Beta ver.)

Adds +420 points to the final score.

Stats Required Edit

Minimum Stat Requirements
Intelligence 300
Morals 30
Faith 400
Sensitivity 500
Fighting Reputation 0
Magic Reputation 421
Social Reputation 0
Housework Reputation 0

Determining Stats Edit

  • Sensitivity > Intelligence
  • Sensitivity > Faith
  • Morals >30
  • Difference between min~max Reputation stat >50
  • It is unknown what the lower limit for sensitivity is, but the criteria have been met by sensitivity 321, with no significant intelligence or faith.
  • Magic Reputation is her highest reputation
  • You only need to build up her Magic Reputation, the other three reputations are irrelevant to this ending.

Available Marriages Edit

Available Marriage Endings
Prince Father Cube Young Dragon Lucifon Common Single
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Epilogues Edit

Determined by Morals.

Epilogue Requirements
Bad Epilogue Morals <100
Normal Epilogue Morals >100
Best Epilogue Morals >600

Script Edit

Bad Epilogue Description needed.
Normal Epilogue Description needed.
Best Epilogue Olive stopped by a city in a Southern country. A strange plague was spreading in the city, and every day many people died from it. When Olive investigated, she found that the root cause was medicine that the High Priest from the palace had passed around. In fact, it was a demon disguised as the High Priest. The real High Priest had been already killed by this demonic imposter.

Olive gathered her courage and fought the demon. In the end she was victorious, and the Southern city was saved.

When Olive ended her adventure and returned home, the city was filled with joy and excitement at the sight of the many treasures that were sent by the King of the South as a sign of gratitude.

The people praised Olive saying "the hero's child is a hero after all" and the welcome party lasted 10 days...

"This was a great adventure! This is thanks to you, too, father! Thank you so much."

Other Information Edit

  • If Faith and/or Intelligence is equal to or higher than Sensitivity, you will definitely get the Court Mage Ending instead.
  • Conditionally, this ending is identical to the Hero Warrior Ending, only focused on Magic Reputation instead. Even the conditions under which this ending may be missed in favor of the Court Mage Ending mirror the failure conditions under which the Hero Warrior Ending is missed in favor of the High General Ending.
  • Strangely, you can still get this ending even if her Intelligence has fallen to zero through Cabaret or Bar work, as long as you have built up her Magic Reputation. So either she'll be a Magician Hero who cannot cast spells, or maybe Fay gives her the magic ring as a reward for becoming a Magic Hero?
  • If she qualifies equally for both this ending and the Warrior Hero ending, she will pick the Warrior Hero ending. So she will prefer to follow in your footsteps as closely as possible.


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