Grave Keeper
Work Graveyard
Boss Baran
Stats/Skills Raised Sensitivity, Magical Defense
Stat Lowered Charisma
Payment 8 G

"Protect the dead from grave robbers throughout the night." ~ Cube

Working at the Graveyard is a potential job in Princess Maker 2. Olive can work at the graveyard after she turns 13.


Olive and Baran take turns patrolling the graveyard, protecting it from thieves and restless spirits. While she learns not to fear spirits and the undead, the long arduous walks and the unnatural working times demand a lot out of her. Spending a lot of time at night also makes her look worse.

Recommendation Edit

The graveyard is a very stressful job that only raises Sensitivity slowly and gives an even smaller raise to magical defense. Magical defense doesn't really help very often, and you have many more ways of raising Sensitivity by the time this job is available, not that you want Sensitivity to be too high. The pay is pretty bad for an early mid game job too, what with masonry and salon work available a year before this, if not longer.

The one saving grace of this job is the Skeleton Knight, who appears when you have around 99 Fighter Reputation and gives 2539 G when defeated. Even then, take it only when you're sure of defeating it within a few tries, it has high defense against both melee and magic attacks and tends to flee rather frequently.

Pay LevelsEdit

Starting Pay: 8G

First Raise: 10G

Second Raise: 12G

Third Raise: 14G

Fourth Raise: 17G

Statistics AffectedEdit

Sensitivity: +1/day

Magical Defense: Random raise, +0 to 1/day

Charisma: -1/day

Stress: +5/day

Statistics RequiredEdit

Constitution, faith.