Foreign Prince Ending

Foreign Prince Ending

Foreign Prince Ending 2

Foreign Prince Ending

In this ending, your daughter marries Roshe, a prince for a foreign country (a country he says is small, poor, and in Europe, although his daughter disagrees if she marries him). In order to receive this ending, your daughter must choose the correct responses when she encounters Roshe. Encounters with Roshe will all begin in the Children's Park, although they may end elsewhere. Encounters are automatic and not determined by having your daughter visit the Children's Park, so do not waste your time sending her there to look for him. She will either meet the prerequisites for encountering him and do so, or she will not and the encounter will not take place.

Choices for Discussion with RosheEdit

The choices with the light blue backgrounds with asterisks next to the choice are the ones that I chose that lead to your daughter meeting Roshe again. The choices are relatively intuitive. Essentially, you choose the first option the whole way through.

First Meeting
Option 1 Treat Him*
Option 2 Tell him where he can use the card

Second Meeting Part 1
Option 1 Help him*
Option 2 Refuse

Second Meeting Part 2
Option 1 Accept*
Option 2 Refuse

Option 1 Guide him*
Option 2 Refuse

Option 1 Write back "I want to see you again."*
Option 2 Write back "I don't want to see you again."

Proposal MeetingEdit

Proposal Meeting
Option 1 Accept*
Option 2 Refuse

The proposal meeting first becomes available on Saturday November 11th, although it can take place at a later date if your daughter reaches the required states later.

This is the meeting where Roshe will ask your daughter to marry him.

If you say yes, she will cancel any future dates she had set up with other guys, which will lead to a decrease in their orb status (this decrease is not permanent and may be reversed as all orb status decreases are). Your daughter will then continue with daily life until the game ends. If your daughter has kept her stats up, she will receive this ending. If her stats have dropped, she may receive a different ending.

If you say no, Roshe will leave for good, and your daughter's stress will shoot up by 300.

Minimum stat requirements for proposal meeting:
Willpower: 380
Intelligence: 460
Love: +50
Morals: +.01
Charisma: 530
Refinement: 610
Charm: 630
Minimum skill requirements for proposal meeting:*
Conversation: level 8
  • There may be more skill requirements that are not yet known.