Work Farm
Boss Farmer Bongor
Stats Raised Constitution, Strength
Stats Lowered Refinement
Base Payment 10 G

"Help out on the farm on the edge of town." ~ Cube

Working on the Farm is a potential job in Princess Maker 2. Olive can work on the farm from the beginning of the game.


Olive helps out Farmer Bongor by pitching hay and feeding his horses. The hard labor makes her stronger and healthier, but the rough nature of the job, coupled with a lack of interaction hurts her social skills.

Recommendation Edit

Farming is a significant early job. It boosts Constitution, which allows Olive to work harder. It has the best pay of all the early jobs, and working well for a whole session gives a significant amount of money for the early game. Refinement is not very high no matter what Olive's birthdate is, so its stat penalty doesn't matter that much at that point.

Farming does have rather high stress for an early job, so remember to give Olive rest in between farming sessions. If you start with a low Constitution, you will not make any money from it early on. Try to raise it to 40 beforehand in that case to make the most out of your farming sessions.

By age 12, you get another Constitution raising job, masonry. This requires having a good Art skill but it raises Constitution faster, pays better and drains Charisma instead. There's little need for Charisma until age 14 or so, and unlike Refinement you have a decent number of bonuses to raise it inexpensively so this obsoletes farming for Constitution raises.

Towards the later ages farming is no longer as appealing, especially since Refinement is so costly to raise and required for quite a few good endings in the game. The pay is not as good as some other jobs which aren't more stressful either. You also have several more options of making money by that point.

Pay LevelsEdit

Starting Pay: 10G

First Raise: 12G

Second Raise: 15G

Third Raise: 18G

Fourth Raise: 21G

Statistics AffectedEdit

Constitution: +1/day

Strength: +1/day

Refinement: -1/day

Stress: +3/day

Statistics RequiredEdit