Gender Male
Race Demon
location Demon World-Invisible house

Daratan is a traveling merchant in PM4 that comes once in a while to rich human families to sell them special items not found in regular shops around the town. To have him visit your house, you must have at least 5000G.

Daratan's Ending

Full article Endings:Marrying Merchant (Daratan)
Daratan has an ending, in which the princess is marrying him. Refer to the full article for more information.

Daratan's Shop

In Daratan's shop there are special items not available in regular shops. Though the items he sells may bring various positive affects, they also raise "demon force" within the girl which would lead her to associate with the demon world related things/events/endings more easily. Therefore, the user must use the items with caution.

List Of Daratan's Shop Items

item price affect
Fairy's Reagent Potion(potion)1000G-25 stress
Mysterious God's Water(potion)1000G-5 all stats (not including physical stats)
Water of Demon World(potion)500G-15 stress
Forbidden Fruit(potion)1000G+5 all stats (not including physical stats)
Old Incense Burner(object)1000G-5 stress per month
Sacred Statue(object)1000G-5 stress & +1 sin per month
Fairy's Ring(object)1500G+10 refinement
Devil's Necklass(object)2000G+30 charm, +10 magic, -10 refinement
Kingdom's Robe(dress)4000G+160 charm
Cat's Eye Stone (object)4000Genables buying at the cat's store in the demon world.

Daratan's House Mystery

After a few visits from Daratan, the princess will ask Cube about him. Later, a day dream about Daratan's shop should happen.After this event take the princess to the demon world's bar, there she will get a map to Daratan's house.However, since his house is invisible she will be unable to find it, and no one around will be able to help her. At the hospital, the princess will ask the doctor about a thing that make her see invisible.After he gives her the medicine, she will find it at the demon world and will steal each time she goes there, giving her a boost to sin.


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