Court Jester

"Miss, the jester is the laughingstock of the entire castle. It would be better not to get involved with him." ~ Royal Guard

The Court Jester is a character in Princess Maker 2.

After Olive has become a good Conversationalist, she can speak with the Court Jester at the castle. The lonely jester yearns for someone to talk to and granting him such a kindness raises Olive's Sensitivity by 15 points. Unfortunately, sitting down to have a serious conversation with a fool lowers her reputation by the same amount. If Olive visits him enough, he will start coming to visit her and Olive will be able to get the Jester Ending.


Popularity doesn't matter.

Decorum doesn't matter.

40+ Conversation Skills

Friendship StatusEdit

First VisitEdit

The Jester introduces himself to Cube and sings a song to Olive about a "nameless" boy who appears at the palace every January.

Second VisitEdit

The Jester reminds Olive about the nameless lad, and gives her the Royal Harp.

Third VisitEdit

The Jester asks Cube to give Olive a message for him: He is quitting his job and leaving town. He sings about a sad and lonely jester who is the butt of all jokes, and only comforted by kind words from a maiden.

Jester EndingEdit

If Olive has the royal harp and sufficiently high Art skill, she'll meet him at the end and get advice before becoming a jester. It doesn't matter if he left or not.


  • "Don't give up." Have you got it?
  • Hmf! Talking with stumble-tongued little girls is hardly a hobby of mine!
  • I thank you for granting this humble jester the gift of your voice!
  • Olleh, olleh, sir! I am the court jester who works for the king!