Work Church
Boss Sister Lee
Stats Raised Faith, Morality
Stat Lowered Sin
Base Payment 1 G

"Community service work at the town church." ~ Cube

The Church is a potential job in Princess Maker 2. Olive can work in the church from the beginning of the game.


Olive sweeps the floors of the church and helps Sister Lee move around the numerous heavy books the church keeps. Working closely with a pious person not only improves her sense of morality but also bolsters her faith in religion, and it's not as taxing as other works can be. The only downside is how low the pay is...

Recommendation Edit

The church pays little money for working there, in fact early on working successfully for a session barely earns enough money to pay the cost of a normal diet in a month. However, there are many upsides to working here. It's the only job that doesn't lower any of Olive's positive stats, so she can work here even in the late game without suffering from losing important stats. It has the best total number of stat points given by a job, at +2 Faith and +1 Morality adding up to +3 stat points/day. It's not very stressful at all. It's one of only two ways to gain Morality aside from blood types and having Mars as your daughter's Patron God. Finally, if you haven't accumulated too much Sin it's a very efficient way of getting rid of sin.

While church work does help in the early game by letting Olive work more at the higher stress jobs without turning delinquent, the fact that it's one of two ways to raise Morality and that it lowers no positive stats makes it worth using even in the late game. Definitely work for a while here, only remember to rely on other jobs for actually earning money.

Pay LevelsEdit

Starting Pay: 1G

First Raise: 2G

Second Raise: 3G

Third Raise: 4G

Fourth Raise: 5G

Statistics AffectedEdit

Faith: +2/day

Morality: +1/day

Sin: -2/day

Stress: +1/day

Statistics RequiredEdit


Trivia Edit

This is one of few jobs Olive can work at even at high delinquency.

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