There are two secret cheat shops in the English version of Princess Maker 2.  They can be accessed by pressing F12 , R , N , and Q all together while in the town. You must click cancel and then go to town again. You will see these new shops.

An easier way to access these shops is to add the line "MOPI = 1" in the pm2.cnf file using a word editor like notepad and saving it. The next time you open the game, both cheat shops will be accessible.

The two shops are called Mad Eddy's and the Beta Shop.

Mad Eddy's[edit | edit source]

Mad Eddy's is run by Mad Eddy and his sidekick Ralph.

At Mad Eddy's you can do the following:

  • Leave store
  • Buy something
  • Get 1000G
  • Get 100000G
  • Internal parameters
  • Event flags
  • Event flags 2
  • Event occurences
  • Event occurences 2
  • Set event flags
  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • Skip 1 month
  • Skip 1 year
  • Choose tournament
  • Choose duel
  • Choose dojo challenge
  • Start demo
  • Pictures
  • Die
  • Flags

Beta Shop[edit | edit source]

At the Beta Shop you can do the following:

  • Test
  • Fortune Teller
  • Show faces
  • Redraw screen
  • Show ages
  • Daughter faces
  • End game
  • Show paintings
  • Misc. tests--->
  • Marriage
  • Harvest Festival
  • Set ending

Information[edit | edit source]

Mad Eddy's can be used to obtain infinite money, every single item in the game(including two cheat items) and keeping track of events and flags. While it can trigger a few events, like Olive's death, it's clearly for monitoring several factors of the game and testing items.

The Beta Shop can trigger several events, like starting the Harvest Festival, making the travelling salesman visit, and changing Olive's age. It can also set up several endings, but be warned that it will drop all the stats and skills not required by the ending to 0. This option also tends to glitch if you've already upgraded Olive's skills.

Refine Edition[edit | edit source]

Both Mad Eddy's and the Beta Shop were removed in the Refine edition of the game, probably since they were intended to just test and play around in regards to the beta edition.

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