Work Bar
Boss Dimitri
Skills Raised Cooking, Conversation
Stat Lowered Intelligence
Payment 12 G

"Work in the bar, waitressing and helping out around the kitchen." ~ Cube

Working at the Bar is a potential job in Princess Maker 2. Olive can work at the bar after she turns 14.


Olive cooks meals and serves drinks in Dimitri's licensed tavern. She learns a lot about conversing skillfully with people and cooking dishes. However, the fumes from the drinks passed around and the loud, chatty ambiance takes a toll on her thinking.

Recommendation Edit

The bar technically raises two skills of two different reputations. Cooking is a household skill while Conversation is a social one. While there are ways to raise cooking earlier, the bar raises both at around the same rate and it's the only place where Conversation can be raised. So it's prudent to leave raising cooking for later if you plan to take this, unless you want to win the cooking contest early (and even then you only need around 60-70 Cooking to have a chance at winning).

This drains Intelligence very fast and gives a rather high amount of stress, so you'll need to manage stress relief well while working here. The intelligence drain is usually not a big deal since science classes raise it up pretty fast, but it leads to complications for people who largely rely on magic in combat. They need to finely balance getting a decent amount of Intelligence up to deal with monsters and random opponents, without getting too much Intelligence before working here. It would be prudent to start developing combat skills while working here in that case, but it has to be carefully managed alongside this as it's a high stress job.

Conversation is mostly useful for raising your base social reputation, since it's pretty hard to raise compared to all other reputations. It's also needed to do well enough in some endings, like Fighting Instructor or Court Jester. Master brushes can supplement this to an extent, but it's tricky. Since the conversation and cooking raises are at random, it will be a while before you max them, so be patient.

Later in the game the bar could be used if you're not too worried about the Intelligence drop, but better jobs exist for money making, it needs decent Charisma to efficiently earn from it and it doesn't raise any stats, making it lose quite a bit of value.

Pay LevelsEdit

Starting Pay: 12G

First Raise: 15G

Second Raise: 18G

Third Raise: 21G

Fourth Raise: 25G

Statistics AffectedEdit

Cooking Skills: Random raise, +0 to 1/day

Conversation Skills: Random raise, +0 to 1/day

Intelligence: -2/day

Stress: +5/day

Statistics RequiredEdit

Constitution, Charisma.

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