Work Babysitter
Boss Radania
Stats Raised Sensitivity
Stats Lowered Charisma
Base Payment 4 G

"Take care of the small children and infants." ~ Cube

Being a Babysitter is a potential job in Princess Maker 2. Olive can work as a babysitter from the beginning of the game.


Olive takes care of children admitted to Radania's day care center. This helps her to learn to be sensitive to others and especially little kids, but is quite stressful especially for a 10 year old and it reflects on her more haggard appearance.

Recommendation Edit

Babysitting is very obviously meant for the early game. It raises Sensitivity, which is a tricky stat and gets lots of bonuses later. It doesn't pay very well, and yet it's as stressful as farming. The biggest use it has therefore is in winning the cooking contest early on, after you've got cooking up to 80 with housework. You don't have money for Poetry classes, they won't raise Sensitivity much faster than babysitting and a lot of other Sensitivity bonuses are locked out for you at this point. So this becomes the main stay of your Sensitivity raising, so long as you remember not to over work her. Do be warned that there's a very good chance of Olive running away since her early low stats mean that this can easily make Sensitivity her highest stat.

For maximum efficiency, combine this with mountain vacations. Mountain vacations will cure stress, raise Sensitivity more efficiently at 10 points for 10 days, including Sundays, and early on don't cost much at 100 G per vacation.

Later you won't be wanting to raise Sensitivity too much before getting other stats raised, and Charisma isn't too easy to gain back conventionally so you won't be wanting to use it's stat penalty much either unless it's her highest stat. This job loses a lot of its value at later ages.

Pay LevelsEdit

Starting Pay: 4G

First Raise: 5G

Second Raise: 6G

Third Raise: 7G

Fourth Raise: 9G

Statistics AffectedEdit

Sensitivity: +1/day

Charisma: -1/day

Stress: +3/day

Hidden Stats: Edit

Maternal Instinct: Approx. 0.5/day

Statistics RequiredEdit


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