1272341252 preview Errantry

You can send your daughter to live some adventures where she will find treasures and monsters. You can take several weeks to have more time to explore. Indeed, you won't come back home at the end of the week if there's another Errantry scheduled just after, you will just stay where you are.

There are 3 "regions", the farthest you go, the stronger the enemies will become. Those regions are : Outskirt, Border and Barbarian Land

If you want a greater chance of survival, you will need to increase stamina ( for a greater life bar ) and strengh/intelligence ( depending on the way you fight, sword or magic ). Also having a full stuff (Weapon, Helm, Armor), even a cheap one, helps a lot ! Also give your daughter a O blood type, it is the strongest one.

You can also talk to(Success depends on your Elegance)/hide from (Success depends on your DEX) your enemies and it will sometimes allow you to continue your errantry, but beware : that way you will NOT gain any experience or gold.

There is a day/night cycle and everytime you get in a fight, you will automatically go from day to night, or from night to day.

Everytime you survive a day, you gain 1 point of stamina and 1 point of reputation.

If you get defeated before your time's up, your daughter will stay at home doing nothing during all the remaining days of the current week.

If you manage to reach the end of the map, your daughter will gain 50 Reputation ! Your daughter will rest during all the remaining days of the current week, giving you -10 stress per remaining day.

1272341252 preview Chest

There are 5 chests you can collect on your way, but you can ignore the first one if you want as it only gives 1 Herb ( which is worth only 7 gold and not really useful ). Those chests contain ( see map ) :

[1] Herb............. [2] Doll............. [3] Book............. [4] Tea Cup............. [5] Dress

It takes about 15 days to collect all the chests and reach the end, so you should always schedule at least 2 weeks of Errantry.

(Credit: By Hyslyne)